Things I am affiliated with:

Asian Fortune: The only English newspaper in the capital region for all Asian ethnicities, and where you can find my column.

OCA: a.k.a. The Organization of Chinese Americans, OCA is a national civil rights organization advocating for the interests of all Asian Americans. I am currently a member, though I used to be president of the D.C. chapter.

Migration Policy Institute Language Portal: A useful tool to find other juridisctions’ best (and worst) practices on language access.

Asian Americans in Montgomery County: A snapshot of the diversity of the Asian Americans in Montgomery County, Maryland that put up with me every day.

Partnership4Science Center: Find information on Montgomery County’s life sciences strategy and science center masterplan.

Governor’s Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs: This commission advises Gov. O’Malley and the administration on policies and issues affecting Asian Americans in Maryland.

Other helpful links:

Muslim Community Center: A non-profit organization that offers services and programs for the larger community, including senior services, free health care for the uninsured, and educational programs.

Montgomery County Muslim Foundation: A community-based organization that encourages the resident Muslim community to help those in needs.

Asian American Justice Center: A national advocacy organization for Asian Americans and immigrant rights.

SAALT (South Asian Americans Leading Together): Also a national advocacy organization, tailored to the South Asian American community.

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