Asian and Middle Eastern Liaison Position Opening

The application deadline has passed. 

After three and half years serving as the Asian and Middle Eastern Liaison of Montgomery County, Maryland, I was appointed this past summer by County Executive Ike Leggett as Special Projects Manager to work on several Countywide initiatives including biohealth industry growth strategy and international partnerships. 
Being a community liaison was tremendous amount of hard work, requiring, but I was infinitely enriched by that experience and consider that one of the best jobs I have ever held.  I connected with many different communities and learned about their cultures and religions in ways I would have never thoughtful possible.  If you are passionate about people and cultures, I highly recommend that you consider applying. 
Being a community liaison means you are an advocate on behalf of your communities inside the government, a connector of people and resources in many different ways, an advisor to anyone seeking your insight on things related to your community, an educator about community dynamics to help others understand the new communities, and a problem solver who is a trusted point of contact for anyone in the community who seeks you out for help.  Here are a few more of my observations about this job and the desired attributes/qualities/skills that might be helpful to you if you’re interested:

  • A high energy person who can work on evenings and weekends for numerous community events and meetings on behalf of the County government;
  • An excellent writer who can produce greeting letters, proclamations, certificates requested by communities year round and prepare speeches and talking points for the County Executive on special occasions;
  • An effective public speaker who can make spontaneous or prepared remarks on behalf of the government and the County Executive for various ethnic and cultural communities
  • A culturally sensitive and astute person who is willing to learn and able to adapt to different norms and dynamics while maintaining professional neutrality and a healthy balance as a facilitator and mediator of all interest groups and parties
  • A good listener who can bring people together to work towards the common goal and understand each ethnic community’s unique needs as well as identifying common issues and opportunities. 
  • Most importantly, this person has to be an effective and strategic connector that introduces and recommends community leaders and community resources to the larger community that is eager to learn about and connect with the many different communities. 

Below is the position announcement:

The Community Outreach Manager job (IRC 7120) was posted on November 1. Applications are due by Friday, November 18 (see link below) with a start date projected to be January 2, 2012. This is a merit-based position with benefits that will expire on December 31, 2014. Continued employment in this position beyond December 31, 2014 is contingent upon action by the County Executive elected in November of 2014. The position is one of three full-time positions working as a team under the supervision of the director of the Office of Community Partnerships within the newly established Community Engagement Cluster.

The three major areas of responsibility are: (1) community outreach and engagement with the County’s Asian populations; (2) community outreach and engagement with the County’s Middle Eastern populations; and (3) leadership role promoting and ensuring compliance with County, State, and Federal language access policies and procedures.

Bilingual applicants in Asian and Middle Eastern languages are encouraged to apply. Minimum qualifications include: Bachelor’s Degree in Public or Business Administration or related fields and extensive (seven years) professional administrative experience in the areas of public relations or program management in community outreach or public policy.

For a more detailed description of the areas of responsibility and preferred criteria,

Deadline is November 18, 2011.


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